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Friday, March 2, 2012

Rest In Peace, and Thanks

There isn’t much I can write about Andrew Breitbart that others haven’t already. I was completely shocked when I found out he died. I still have a hard time believing he passed away. Anyway, the thing I liked about Mr. Breitbart was the fact he challenged the liars, all the while being called the most ridiculous things while taking heat from the leftists he completely loved to annoy. What was so stunning about the power he had was that he seemed to shine under such relentless hate. He wanted the truth, and wasn’t afraid to uncover it.

I think a lot of people who write in the Catholic blogging world could look to Andrew Breitbart as an inspirational person. No, I’m sure he wasn’t saintly. I’m not even positive he was really all that religious (someone Google it please, I’m too tired to check). What I’m getting at is that he didn’t except the rule that leftists could get away with being liars. And despite the nasty crap the left likes to spew, he challenged them every step of the way.

 Look, a lot of us who write online know what the score is. The Catholic left has almost completely demolished our faith in America. Sometimes it’s out in the open, sometimes it’s a very secretive attempt to dilute Catholic teaching and sow doubt in the tenants of our faith. A lot of bloggers have worked to uncover this very vile and contentious movement that for a lot of years has been ignored by those who are supposed to be our shepherds. I’ve seen it first hand, and have talked to people I know and trust that have seen and been in the middle of worse while trying to do nothing more than be faithful Catholics. The perfect solution would be for our shepherds to see the rot, and cut it out before it spreads. We know, however, that something like that just isn’t going to happen any time soon if ever. But at least that rot, thanks to the new media, has been exposed.

 Guys like Breitbart pioneered the new media, and I think gave a good example to how it could be used to uncover, expose, and challenge not only the left, but anybody who plays the game of lies and illusion in order to hide their true intentions or cower away from responsible action. Not all of his views were ours. Never the less, the Catholic blogosphere owes a token of gratitude to Andrew Breitbart.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Breitbart.


  1. Truth... it is such a sharp and damaging sword.
    To wield it rightly, gives you power; to abuse it, will cause you harm.

    It is a sad thing, and I hope that a silver lining that some will find is that in his absence some will answer the void that he has left. He would want others to take up the same flag.

  2. Three months after you wrote this, I'm finally seeing it and complementing you. "He wanted the truth and wasn't afraid to uncover it." So true. So sad. May we be able to pick up the torch and run with as much fervor in our own venues (and maybe be unafraid to branch out some, aye?!). . .